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Rated 4.9

2,090 Reviews

"Great for learning. Can’t be happier about these books… This really helped my dyslexic daughter with writing her letters correctly. Highly recommend 5/5 stars."

- Lucy Evans


They Encourage Learning Through Play

Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks make learning feel like a game. 

Kids love these books because they get to play while practicing their handwriting, math, and motor skills.

It’s a fun way for them to learn without feeling like it’s a chore!

"Best product that I've bought for years. My niece has improved tremendously just by playing with these books. Highly recommend."

- Lisa Jenkins


They Help Improve Handwriting & Fine Motor Skills

Groovd Magic Copybooks help kids improve their handwriting and motor skills in a fun way. 

With disappearing ink and engaging exercises, kids enjoy practicing and seeing their progress. 

It makes learning these essential skills enjoyable and effective.

"Great handwriting guide! This has improved my daughter's handwriting, math, and motor skills beyond other kids at the same age. She loves to 'color' these books by herself. Highly recommend."

- Rebecca Washington


They Promote Less Screen Time & More Independence

The Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks encourage kids to step away from screens and engage in independent learning. 

These books provide a hands-on, fun way for children to practice their skills, boosting their confidence and self-reliance as they see their progress.

"These copybooks have been great for reducing screen time. My child loves using them and has become much more independent in their learning."

- Jon Carling


They’re Reusable & Eco-Friendly

Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks are designed with disappearing ink, allowing kids to practice over and over. 

This feature makes learning more dynamic and interactive.

Kids can keep refining their skills without the need for new materials, creating a sense of accomplishment and continuous improvement.

"The reusable nature of these books is fantastic. My daughter can practice her letters and numbers repeatedly, which has really helped her progress."

- Kath Carter


Durable & Long-Lasting

Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks are built to last. 

These sturdy books can withstand frequent use, making them perfect for young children. 

The high-quality materials ensure that the books remain intact and usable over time, providing endless learning opportunities without wear and tear.

"These books are incredibly durable. My kids use them daily, and they still look brand new. Great investment for long-term learning!"

- Emily Harper


Boosts Confidence & Self-Esteem

Using Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks helps children gain confidence in their abilities. 

As they practice and see their skills improve, they build self-esteem and feel proud of their accomplishments.

 This confidence carries over into other areas of their life, encouraging a positive attitude toward learning and new challenges.

"My son's confidence has soared since he started using these books. He loves seeing his progress and feels proud of his achievements. Highly recommend!"

- Stephen Jones


Loved by Thousands Of Happy Families

Groovd Children's Magic Copybooks have an average review rating of 4.9 stars after over 2000 reviews! 

The positive feedback from happy children, parents, and grandparents goes to show just how much joy these books bring to families. 

Knowing that other families have found success with these books provides peace of mind and assurance of their effectiveness.

"These books have been amazing for my kids. We've seen huge improvements in their handwriting and they actually enjoy the learning process. Highly recommend!"

- Sarah Thompson
  • “Perfect repetition for handwriting and math improvement. My child enjoys the colorful rows and learns without realizing he’s practicing math. This product is meaningful and effective. Highly recommend!”

    "Handwriting has improved"
  • “Dramatically improved my kids' handwriting. The books define each letter’s space, helping kids visually understand letter spacing. Even with some initial frustration, the practice paid off.”

    "Extremely happy with the books!"
  • “I didn’t think my boys would like them but I wanted to give it a shot and... OMG they dived straight in and were at it for hours! I’m delighted and they love them!”

    "My sons love them!"
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